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Running Atlassian’s JIRA on AWS

I’ve been a JIRA user for a long time now, managing development and also use it as project management tool.
So I am happy to see a new Quick Start guides developed by AWS in collaboration with Atlassian to help you to deploy their JIRA Software Data Center on AWS.


Why are JIRA and AWS are a winning team?

JIRA is known to support teams not physically located together in the same office that replace face-to-face conversation with Jira social network brainstorming AWS is allowing you to start fast with it.
JIRA is fantastic, but you need to install it and manage the server that runs it – now you just need to click a button and server is up.
Also, the physical infrastructure challenges for allowing access points for distributed software teams is solved with AWS availability zones, and ability was for collaborating with different networks.
Setting up Jira with a global cloud solution like AWS is the strategic action that will help you bridge the distance gap between local and remote offices, and help eliminate other potential delays running Jira.


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So how do you install Jia in AWS?

The latest AWS blog suggests using the AWS Quick Starts.


The Quick Starts are built to help you to rapidly deploy reference implementations of software solutions on the AWS Cloud.
The also include  AWS Cloud Formation templates for JIRA Software into a new or existing Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
See the details in the below link.

  1. Guide for JIRA Software Data Center on AWS
  2. Click here to view the post at aws.amazon.com


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