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The Journey to Amazon public Cloud   One of the most spoken trends in IT world today are cloud services, and many organizations are checking the possibilities of moving to the cloud, There are several possible ways to migrate large-scale data centers to the cloud, and several aspects we should consider before, during and after starting the transition to the cloud. Amazon Web Services – the largest...

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A Hybrid Cloud Approach Borrowing a popular buzzword from the automotive industry, Microsoft has taken the “hybrid” concept and built a great deal of Azure around the philosophy. A hybrid cloud suggests that it’s both possible, even desirable, to put one foot in the cloud while keeping the other one anchored to on-premises datacenters. There are numerous reasons why enterprises may want to keep at least a...

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The main leading platforms today are Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s AWS, when it comes to enterprise-level IaaS. Which one is right for your business? – Here’s how the two cloud platforms compare, complete with a side-by-side feature & services comparison.   AWS Operating officially since 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is closing in on its 10-year anniversary. The meaning of it that Amazon has merely had that much more...

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