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October 2016

I've been a JIRA user for a long time now, managing development and also use it as project management tool. So I am happy to see a new Quick Start guides developed by AWS in collaboration with Atlassian to help you to deploy their JIRA Software Data Center on AWS.   Why are JIRA and AWS are a winning team? JIRA is known to support teams not physically located together...

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A post on why to use aws database migration service

Recently a customer asked us if we provide DB migration into AWS. Amazon provides a tool just for that called "AWS database migration service." AWS database migration service also known as DMS helps you migrate databases to AWS quickly and securely.    Here are quick 7 reasons why you should use AWS database migration service [qodef_list_ordered]   AWS DMS allows the source database to remain fully operational during the migration, minimizing downtime...

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The Problem: Your MySQL databases are growing, but the users expect and demand top performance and reliability. these usually come with a price tag of commercial databases. So how do you keep MySQL low cost that? The solution is Amazon Aurora, Amazon Aurora is a MySQL compatible relational database. Amazon has taken the good old MySQL open source database and developed an engine that provides speed and availability that compete with...

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